Maltese football expert Robert Teuma has teamed up with South Boys Futsal Club becoming their new President. 

The former Santa Lucia Falcons owner described his new side as an “amazing squad with great ambition” and he already has big plans for the club who compete in the Association Equipe Futsal League.

Teuma has secured South Boys a new sponsorship deal with Italian sportswear giants Legea, which was announced in their new conference centre in Fgura earlier this month.

Robert Teuma (right) at Legea’s new conference centre in Fgura

Speaking about how he got involved with South Boys, the former Santa Lucia Falcons founder said: “Basically a colleague of mine came to find me at work, he asked me to get involved because of my experience in Maltese Football and if I would like to give him a helping hand with his club.

“I wasn’t going to accept it at first but he showed great ambition and I eventually said yes. We have an amazing squad including Glenn Bonello who is part of the Maltese Futsal national team.”

South Boys Fustal Club

Teuma continued by thanking two individuals who currently help him with his duties at the club: “I am getting help from two great people who I would like to thank.

“They are Clayton Tabone who is my right-hand man, he organises the training sessions and many activities involving the club.

“The second person is Pablo Cachia Belli who is in charge of Sponsors and the team finances.”

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